One bullet, one judge: the GREAT LION.

Arrow keys to move.
X to act.
R to retry.

Robin ALONZO - Programming, sounds and music
Steven LEQUIENT - Programming


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I love the idea as well as the aesthethics. Great design but maybe a tad too fast (I should probably just git gud).


Classy game


The one bullet mechanic was super well put into place. It blew my mind a bit that you even thought about something like an arcade style shooter with only one shot!

Altho the game is superhard and i couldnt get past the first three waves. Although  got to say that i like the enemy designs.

You designed a way around the fact thath the bullet would get stuck by adding a laserbeam that pulls it towards you. Its so original!


Thematically this is super good and crazy addictive!


Bloody love it - it's addictive original and interesting :)


I really like the idea, but holy crap the speed o_o

You have to agree that it's also the fun part :D
Thanks for your comment !